by The Organ Beats

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released November 1, 2012

Produced and performed by The Organ Beats.
© 2012 all rights reserved.

The organ beats are:
Noelle vocals, guitar, keys
Alex lead guitar, keys
Mikey bass
Danny drums

Drums and mixing by Jim Keaney at
Devotion Recording Studio (

The rest of the instruments recorded at
(in no particular order): The Dog House,
Randall Street attic, Alex’s lab,
Noelle’s homemade wooden phone-booth.

Backing vocals on Get Up! by The Appreciation Post.

Big thanks to all our friends, fans and family!

Front and back cover photos by our multi-talented
drummer. CD layout by our dual-talented bassist.
CD photo by Jessica Hines.

Inside photo by Lauren Mangini.
Special thanks to Annie Connolly and Erik the Horse.

For lyrics and more visit

Mastering by Rich Rossi.


all rights reserved



The Organ Beats Boston, Massachusetts

The Organ Beats are from Waltham; formed in 2008. Danny and Noelle are siblings who started making music as preteens and were tour veterans before they were able to buy cigarettes. They are joined by Mikey (bass) and Alex (lead guitar).

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Track Name: Don't Wake Me Up
Times moving faster, theres no escape
so whats the point in fighting at the end of the day
Pardon the questions, I'm searching for truth
I'll never amount to anything 'cause I'm such a fool

Don't wake me up

We fight the feeling everyday
When all we really wana do is just get away
The child in you is gone
Now we're growing stronger everyday

Evading all reason, trying to be cool
We'll find a way to reason without rule
Excuse the bitchin but give me a break
I can't accept the meaning of defeat

It isn't real, my mind is playing tricks on me again
I see in you what I wana see, guna make it last
You will be the one who holds the key

We fight the feeling everyday
When all we really wana do is just run away
The child in me is old and gray
and we're growing stronger
as i'm growing stronger
yeah we're growing stronger everyday
Track Name: Living Without You
Your strut is like a golden dance, you're always full of laughter
you under stand a true romance, you give up never after
you simplify the worlds complexes, you don't have to approve
a mighty ox is no compare, nothing compares you

It's not easy living without you
(you're the best thing that happened to me)
It ain't easy living without you
I would die if I can't have you, you're the best friend that I ever had
(it aint easy to do, living without you)

You'd give your heart all in fine dress to anyone who stands out
You'd fill the void, a constant quest to turn the world inside out
You make the best out of the worst, you're something I never knew
A mighty ox is no compare, nothing compares

I give up a thousand times a day
But you make me feel like I'm on my way to something good
whoa, yeah
Track Name: Heartless
You're telling me lies and you think I don't know
If you push me too far I'm guna explosde
Step on the gas and drive off the road
I'm full of surprise and you don't even know

Here we are and your heart is being brutally torn out by the only one that you ever loved, take it back and..

Get your mind off of me cause baby i'm heartless
I'll bring you to your knees, guna step right through

Ready or not here I come
There's no turning back the damage is done
Just you relax and try to have fun
You better thing fast cause theres no where to run

Remember those days that I spent thinking suicide
Now that it's done I can finally move on, I'm better off when I'm on my own
Track Name: Last Goodbye
This isn't an ordinary
This is a night to remember
If only I could stay right here forever with you
Oh, you make me feel so alive
Oh, you got me tied up in knots
But you don't have to wait right here with me forever and ever

This is my last goodbye
I know it's everything but A alright
If it was up to me I would make it last through the night till forever

We had an extraordinary
oh that was such a sweet september
If only I could go back there forever with you
Oh, if I could go back in time
Oh, I would make it alright
But you don't have to leave me here now you're gone forever and ever

Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we're wrong
Sometime I'll get it right but this time I was wrong
Track Name: Make You My Own
I will run across the world tonight just to take one look in your eyes
I will be standing in that place on the corner where you used to live
Just one look in your sullen face I know it's not guna last

I will run
I will follow you
Til the end of time
I'll make you my own again

Well I tried so hard just to read your mind but still it's never easy to say goodbye
You will be standing in that place in a picture at my bedside
Maybe it's all just a total waste hoping that you'll come back

Well I fall to pieces cause it's tearing me all apart
To be without you baby
Gota start again from the start
Track Name: So Long
The smell of summer wafts through the air.
Top down, the wind in your hair
as we set sail far and wide to a place where we go and hide
Leave the television behind
Grab your canteen full of wind
We will me where water and land collide

So Long, we're guna leave this cold dark world behind
So Long, We're guna rocket through the air tonight

On a quest for mud and fire; swaggering side to side
Memories reveal all that's left behind

So long, we're guna leave this cold dark worked behind
So long, we're guna rocket through the air tonight
All you need to know is that there's nowhere left for you to go
When you call my name I will come for you to face the truth

So long my friend I can't carry on this way so I say goodbye
Track Name: Get Up!
Remember the nights that you called me
When everything went wrong and you were lonely
you were down and out and I was on my way
I could never think of the right words to say
Just rattle off some junk from my brain
I can't believe that you'd think that you were not good enough
So I say to you

Get Up, nothing's guna bring you down
Get up, never wana see you frown
Get up. nothing's guna stand in your way today

Say baby, why do you cry
I promise everything will be alright
But if you ever need my all you gota do is call and I'm on my way to you
All you need is love to heal your aching pain
I'm on my way so I can say to you

Time is running out just save us from ourselves
Time is running out again
Time is running out, running out so fast
Track Name: Goldenheart
White light fills my eyes.
Memories of the times of our lives.
Your golden heart lives on forever.

You're the one, shadow on the sun.
Your golden heart lives on.
Frozen in time. Far beyond the skies.
Your golden heart will shine on.

I hear your voice on a cold, cold night.
Shimmering so brightly I lose my sight.
Transcend the darkness of a troubled mind.
Steadfast a prophet for all mankind.

Going nowhere; wanderlust and caught between the gaps.
We struggle and shut down; blame it on what's written in the past.
Something is in the air tonight.
Truth is I blame myself for the bitterness above all else.
Your gone - it tears my heart out.
Track Name: Hold On
I sat down to write a letter but there was nothing to talk about.
The whole world bringing me down; it doesn't get any easier.

I can't run forever
So you'll find me hanging on
May we last together
Hold on to something real

Settle down, no need to hurry. Don't get ahead of yourself.
Try harder just to get by.
No time to figure it out.

I can't run forever
So I try to hang on
May we last forever
hold on to something

hold on to me as I'm holding on to you
hold on to what's real
Hold on, hold on, hold on to something real

Try hard just to get by
No time to figure it out
When the whole world is bringing us down
and all you got is yourself
Well the whole world is bringing us down
just believe in yourself
Track Name: Don't You Ever Feel Like Dying?
I'm calling to say goodbye cause I'm guna die tonight
No reason to worry anymore about me
Please don't be sad, if I were you I would be glad
Cause I've got nothing left for this world, i'm ready to leave it all behind
Leaving you behind was not what I had in mind
I just wana tell you all everything I feel inside

I'm better off dead anyways, my brain is lost and I don't know what to say

I feel fine, I just felt like dying tonight
Don't you ever feel like dying

I've seen the whole world wide, from China to the Isle of White
It seems like the time just flies right by, I'm ready to leave it all behind
My oh my, my nose is bloody and my throat is dry
Why don't I take my own advice and kill myself tonight

I'm making myself crazy, my brains half dead and I'm lazy

Why be alive when you could die with me tonight
Find out what's on the other side
I feel fine I just felt like dying tonight
Don't' you ever feel like dying

Feels alright, 25 years has felt like ages

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